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  • Why choose tailor-made garments
    THE REAL ADVANTAGE OF TAILOR MADE FOR ATYPICAL BODY Wear a well-proportioned suit when we are small & thing, or on the contrary tall & build is a headache in ready to wear. We will make a custom made suit that fits you and adjusted to your morphology. We want to give you the best Read More
  • How to choose clothes according to your body shape
    Gentlemen of the 21st are not constantly wearing suits, and also have different body shapes. So, what are all their options? First we will see how to pick clothes according to your body shape, and then the colours to choose according to your skin type. Rectangle Your whole upper body is straight, shoulders and hips Read More
  • Make or break menswear look: Cufflinks
    Dear gentlemen, cufflinks can be a finishing touch to top off your daily attire, regardless if it is a formal/informal social or business occasion. They should stay in tune with your sophisticated style and express who you are! With that in mind, let’s review together how, when and which cufflinks to use! How to use Read More